The app will bulk edit Outlinks based on the data in the .csv file.

  • Max file size = 10MB.
  • Maximum 2000 products should be listed in the CSV. If this limit us exceeded, only the top 2000products will be edited.
  • The first row of the CSV should have the following headers:
    • handle
    • externallink
    • buttontext
    • isactive
  • FieldValues
    handleProduct handle as specified by Shopify. It uniquely identifies the product. When you export products from Shopify, the product handle is available in the spreadsheet.
    externallinkThis is the Outlink you want the products to link out to
    buttontext    The text to be displayed on the Outlink button
    isactive1: indicates the Outlink should be activated on the store. 0: indicates the Outlink should be inactive. Default value: 1

  • All the fields are mandatory. Missing values will result in edit fail.

Here is a sample CSV: