With Outlink you can attach multiple external links to a single product. 

On activating Multiple Link option for any product, when your users click the External Link Outlink button, instead of redirecting to a single external link, they will be redirected to a custom landing page having multiple external links.

Multiple links help stores provide more options to their users, get higher payouts and diversify revenue. 

How it works:

1. Go to Outlink dashboard > Settings > Multiple Links > Activate.

2. Go to any product and click Edit.

3. Select Link Type as Multiple Links. Add upto 10 different external links.

4. Activate and hit Save.

5. Users visit your store and hit Buy Now Outlink button on the product page.

6. They get redirected to a landing page having multiple external links you just created.


  • Multiple Links are available to only Pro Plan account users and above.
  • If the Outlink app is uninstalled, multiple links will not work. The system will fallback to redirecting users to a single external link.
  • Multiple Links cannot be added/updated using the bulk editor.
  • Multiple Links can be applied to variants as well.