Link masking (or link cloaking) is a method to hide the destination website's URL and replace it with a clean URL.

Affiliate links usually consist of tracking codes that identify vital information about the referrer and the program. This makes the affiliate links as long URLs with a lot of parameters than most shoppers think of as nonsensical information.

You want the shopping experience to be as smooth as possible with trust being a critical factor. Trust applies not only to the affiliate storefront but also to the destination affiliate links placed on the site. You don’t want to instill any doubt in a reader before they click on an affiliate link.

Short, clean links inspire trust and make the visitors more likely to click them.

As an example, consider a link from Amazon:

Outlink will mask the above link as:

Notice that the second link looks better and more organized. By making them look prettier people will be more inclined to click.

To activate Link Masking go to Outlink dashboard > Settings > Link Masking > Activate > Save


  • Link Masking is available for Gold Plan users only
  • If the app is uninstalled, the app will stop masking the links.