The app can be used to import/update products in bulk via CSV. Outlinks can be attached when adding/updating products via CSV. This saves a lot of time in manually adding the product to Shopify and attaching Outlinks.

How does it work?

  • Goto Outlink Dashboard -> Import -> via CSV.
  • Purchase product import/update credits.
  • We charge USD 1 = 200 credits. With 1 credit you can add or update 1 product.
  • Upload the CSV file and map the columns.
  • Select the option to import or update products based on SKU.
  • Start Import.
  • After the edit is complete you will receive an email with the updated results.


  • Variants not supported in bulk import.
  • Approximate time required to bulk add products  = (no. of products x 3) seconds. This is because we need to work within Shopify API limits.